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CHOCOLATE CON AJÍ (2014), Audio CD, label Polvorosa

CHOCOLATE CON AJÍ: 14 stunning tracks do great justice to this album’s name, combining the sweetness of chocolate with the spicy edge of ají (chili). Fiery, surrealistic, and sometimes just a little racy, Daniel Puente Encina masters a range of styles with graceful ease. Rousing orchestral arrangements of Latin music, furious Boogaloo and classic RnB alternate with seductive indie-pop ballads. Chocolate con Ají connects genres as different as blues, rock, hip-hop, rebel tango, samba and even South American folk. The high-quality digipack includes a faux vinyl CD and a 32-page booklet with the lyrics in English and Spanish and very personal photos.

<< of the year’s most exciting Latin CDs...>> FOLKWORLD

<<…a smash hit...if it doesn’t move you, then you must be dead…>> ROCKAXIS

<<...A musical explosion...>> KIELER NACHRICHTEN

<<...compelling, expressive and authentic music...>> ECKERNFÖRDER ZEITUNG

<<...seems to have jumped right out of the soundtrack of From Dusk Till Dawn...>> ZITTY BERLIN


Unlike his previous album, which was noteworthy for its minimalism, Chocolate con Ají makes use, with its septet of musicians, of the Latin, rhythm ‘n’ blues and pop arrangements of previous decades, but without relinquishing the simplicity that marked his previous work. "Furious Latin soul, dirty boogaloo, rebel tango & country ska" are the names with which Daniel has dubbed some of these new retrofuturistic styles. For this compilation, Daniel has chosen special textures to produce a sound reminiscent of a high-fidelity record of the 1960s, but with the quality of the super-productions of today.

1. Never choose the Devil: a boogaloo-blues about the timeless conflicts of a deeply religious sinner gripped by lust.

2. El gato y el ratón - Cat and mouse: political Latin Rap about immigration and police corruption.

3. Shot down on the dance floor: how to die in the Bronx’s red light district. 60's swinging London meets Nuyorican boogaloo.

4. Coolhunter: Sex sells. funky soul rock about marketing strategies.

5. Eat my Soul: a romantic indie-pop ballad with a stunning son climax.

6. Freire: A celebratory rural song of working-class love. Or how to keep your balance at more than 2,000 metres in the mountains, with too little oxygen and too much booze in your system.

7. Siluetas: unconventional existential rebel tango, or how to suffer from so much humanity.

8. Ascensión: poetic, dreamy 70s rock with a Nuyorican touch.

9. San Antonio: Dixie-country-ska. A celebration of dance and love set to lindy hop choreography.

10. Rata de Campo - Country rat: an urban poem. The odyssey of a country rat lost in the big city.

11. Love in Exchange: a 50s-style love song about broken hearts.

12. En el Centro - What it's all about: anti-capitalist samba funk.

13. Odd desire: killer jealousy blues. When love hurts, you want to kill the pain.

14. Mañana no es otro día, es otro lugar - tomorrow is not another day, it‘s another place: The slow, surrealist swing of an escapist. The unstoppable and absurd desire to keep on running (away), even when teetering on the edge of the precipice. 







Daniel Puente Encina: Composer, author, vocals, guitars, charango - Pep Lluís García: Percussion, drums, backing vocals - Pablo di Salvo: Double bass, bass, backing vocals - Dante Parraguéz: Drums, percussion- Llorenç Barceló: Hammond organ, piano - Manolo Cuesta: Bariton sax - Pep Garau: Trumpet

All songs written, composed, arranged and produced by Daniel Puente Encina.
Recorded at Digitals Pro on Mallorca by Toni Fernández and Toni Paris and at Estudis 44.1 in Girona, except, "Coolhunter" recorded by Carles Xirgo in 44.1. "Mañana no es otro día, es otro lugar" recorded in the forest (mobile unit) by Tina "Trillian" Bartel and "Rata de campo" in her home studio in Barcelona. Mixed by Toni Paris and mastered by Carles Xirgo at Estudis 44.1.

© 2014 POLVOROSA, Spain.

All rights reserved, unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited. Made in the EU. SGAE, 01-001-02-01, DL GI.565-2014.  

Album CHOCOLATE CON AJÍ by Daniel Puente Encina available as Audio CD. For more information please visit the artist's official website.


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