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DISPARO (2012), Audio CD, label Polvorosa

DISPARO by Daniel Puente Encina contains nine unpublished tracks and an updated cover version of “Botellas contra el pavimento” as a tribute to his very first band “LOS PINOCHET BOYS”. The digipack includes a 16-page booklet with the lyrics in English and Spanish.


<<…cool multicultural Latino mix...>> FOLKWORLD

<<…auspicious…the songs are decidedly entertaining…memorable…>>  ROCKAXIS

<<…Furious, cool and totally poetic...a musical seducer...>> WOLFSBURGER NACHRICHTEN   

<<...an excellent album...Undoubtedly, a creation to discover and enjoy...>> ZONA DE OBRAS
DISPARO (Shot) is a courageous and remarkable production, which impacts with minimalistic arrangement, creating an impressive, powerful sound. An astonishing electric guitar, which seems to have been plucked from the muddy swamps of the Mississippi, accompanied by congas and djembes and above all, Daniel's charismatic and soulful voice produce a progressive, new and exciting style: “Furious Latin Soul”, as he calls his newest creation. Thrilling music that gets under your skin.
My songs are like a series of short films in which the lyrics are the script the music is the photography. I imagined a Bluesman of the 20s who got lost in Cuba. The album pays homage to black rooted music of the three Americas and clearly demonstrates my profound love and respect for Africa. From R&B to Caribbean Son, from Reggae to Afro-Peruvian 6/8, Mambo and Bolero, accompanied by extraordinary percussion to emphasize the return to the African spirit, launching the music like a rocket from a possible past to an absolutely unexpected future.”

1. Mike Tyson: The story of a typical ghetto kid, in his hard lesson in day to day survival through pain, anger and desire. The atmosphere is Heavy Afro Funk.
2. El diablo espera por mí - The devil is waiting for me: Despairing story about unrequited love set in the rural Caribbean of superstition and whores at the beginning of the century. Crossing road Blues and rum under palm trees in a suffocating humidity.
3. Déjame fuera - Leave me out: The end of a love affair and a trip to the unknown in a Gospel Soul atmosphere, with clear religious references in the style of the Fateful Days that Lie Ahead from the New Church of the Other Side of the Street.
4. Disparo - Shot: Disastrous love story with a bad ending set in the humidity of the Caribbean Sea.
5. Lío - Trouble: Road Movie about a pair of gangsters during their trip to the black heart of destiny. Boogaloo atmosphere, L&B (Latin &Blues) 
6. Azul oscuro - Dark blue: Heartrending, honest declaration of love in a Blue Bossa atmosphere.
7. Amor de abajo - Love from below: Threat of eternal love set in a whore house bordering on Mambo Blues.
8. Pa’ tenerte aquí - To have you here: Declaration of unconditional love set in epic 6/8 Latin American Cordillerano mixed with 6/8 Afro Blues from Mali.
9. Babylon: The story of an eccentric loner with no future expectations, who shuts out the world from his mountain refuge. The atmosphere is oneiric-paranoid through the psychedelic melody, ending in heavy Afro-Caribbean rhythm. 
10. Botellas contra el pavimento - Bottles against the asphalt: Personal tribute to the Pinochet Boys, a cover version of their song with a rapid rock blues and desperado 60's beat in the style of Swinging London. 






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